Wine bar MENU

served from Monday to Saturday from 4pm until closed

sourdough bread and churned butter 3€ (V)

Cold summer vegetables “escabeche” 6€ (V)

Grilled carrot’s seasoned with tarragon, green cardamom and carrot leaves 8€ (V)

Tomatoes with basil and wood ant paste 8€ (V)

peas in a pod sprayed with chamomile vinegar and mint oil 6€ (V)

burrata cheese with charred green tomatoes, jalapeno and lovage 10€

Smoked blue mussels with grated 36kk comté cheese 8€

Roasted summer potatoes with dill and langoustine head butter 8€

raw beef with creme fraische, black pepper, and radish slices 10€

Slices of coppa 10€

slices of Mortadella 8€

slices of 36kk comté cheese with jam 8€

anchovies with olive oil and a piece of lemon 6€

green olives as they traditionally are 5€

the frozen lemon filled with lemon zest anglaise and lemon granita 8€

(V) =vegan option possible